"Even though I only needed one property corner marked, they (Collett Surveying) were very prompt and professional. Thanks!"
Mark Johnson
"I just finished working with Collet Surveying and I am extremely happy with the end result."
Bradley Grosh
"I can't believe how good they (Collett Consulting & Design) were. We finished promptly without any problems and saved us money in the long run!."
Jessica Priston

A few words about Collett Surveying

Collett Surveying Ltd. is one of the oldest land survey firms in eastern Ontario. Founded in 1881 by Willis Chipman, the company has had several owners including R. F. Mucklestone and M. H. Kaldeway, from whom the current owner Brent Collett purchased the firm in February 1996.The staff and management of Collett Surveying are proud of their company's long history, having a number of survey tools and documents, most of which are well over 150 years old. The company also maintains a large library of old records from several Ontario Land Surveyors which are used to re-establish land boundaries today when applicable. The tools and techniques of the profession have evolved over the years from the use of chains, compasses and quill pens to Global Positioning Systems, Robotic Total Stations, computer work stations and high quality digital plotters. Collett Surveying uses state-of-the-art technology to provide its customers with highly accurate and reliable land surveys.

Brent Collett graduated from the University of Toronto with a B.Sc. in Survey Science in 1985, articled to Ken Wiseman, O.L.S. and received his license in 1988. In 1989, Brent, along with a partner, purchased K.M. Wiseman Ltd. Ken Wiseman retired as an Ontario Land Surveyor in 1992. Brent, after being President of the firm for over 6 years, sold his interest in the company just prior to the purchase of his current company in 1996 from M.H. Kaldeway. Brent was born and raised in the Brockville area thus making him very familiar with the district. Surveyors are called upon for many different functions ranging from the mapping of crime scenes, accident scenes, land boundary disputes, utility routes, lease area determination, site plans, acting as agent for land development and mortgage surveys. Brent's goal is to offer prompt, professional and courteous service at competitive prices.

Collett Consulting & Design

Starting in 2000, we began to offer our consulting services through Collett Surveying Ltd. Collett Consulting and Design was established as its own company in August 2006 when the Ministry of Housing and Affairs released the approved Bill 124. Now one of the leading planning and architectural design firms in the Brockville and surrounding area, our company continues to advance with technology, offering clients new ideas and design concepts and strives to meet all standards and requirements of our profession.

At Collett Consulting and Design Ltd., our approach to each project, whether it is architectural design or as Consultants, is one of careful consideration of all elements of the project. The process begins with a meeting with our clients to determine their thoughts, issues and requirements and continuing with regular discussions as the project evolves. We also regularly consult with and update our clients to ensure that the best outcome is successfully achieved with the project. The successful conclusion is a unique combination of careful design and/or planning and the realization of the client's vision.

"From the first meeting through to the final conclusion of the project, we take pride in building professional relationships that last. "

The Collett Consulting Team

We are committed and focused on being a diverse architecture and Consulting firm. Our design-oriented firm emphasizes architecture as both a service and art, never seeing our designs as isolated independent objects, but rather as the interactive parts of a larger whole. A common thread you will find throughout our workforce is our universal adherence to personal and operational excellence. We exhibit this excellence by sharing a vision, fulfilling our mission, supporting our objectives and upholding our values.

Collett Consulting's Mission

Collett Consulting and Design Ltd. is looking to revolutionize the Standards of Residential and Land Development. We are building a team that will be able to better serve and provide services to assist any Project to go above and beyond all expectations. Our goal is to offer prompt, professional and courteous service at competitive prices.

Our Standards

The successful conclusion is a unique combination of careful architectural design and the realisation of the client's vision. From the first meeting through to the Construction Administration of the project, we take pride in building professional relationships that last.